Mantras are very powerful in transforming and transcending thoughts and feelings. It helps you to focus on your intention during meditation but it also works for your everyday life. As a mom you might not consider using a mantra throughout the day but mantras can have a big effect on your overall wellbeing. So give the mantras for mothers a try!

Mantras for Mothers


Have you ever been to a yoga class where the teacher chanted mantras? How did you feel afterwards? Did you notice a big or small change, that you felt different after you got over your initial hesitation and shyness? That’s because mantra do their work, whether you know what the mantra means or not.

Mantras were initially recited during meditation and helped to keep you focussed and concentrated. Yogis in those times were men, meditating for hours and hours everyday. That doesn’t mean mantras aren’t for modern times. I would say they are perfect for modern times!! Especially as mothers, our patience is tested multiple times a day so a little help to stay calm and peaceful is very welcome!

Mantras for mothers will you to find peace among the chaos. If you’ve never chanted before, don’t worry, just do what feels right for you! Try them all and see which one works best for you!


5 Mantras for Mothers and Kids!

1. Om/Ohm/Aum

This is the most basic, but also the most fundamental mantra and it’s said to calm and balance the mind. It’s also the mantra that most people already know. When you think of yoga or any spiritual practice, the mantra Om pops up immediately. So what so special about it? Om is said to encompasses the whole universe, birth, life, death and the integration of them all.

The mantra consists out of 4 parts; 
First sound: aaaaahhhh –  sound of manifestation
Second sound: oooooooo – sound of sustenance
Third sound: mmmmmm – sound of completion
Fourth sound: silence – a moment of rest after the first three sounds


  • Take a deep breath in
  • On the exhalation chant Aaahhhhoooommmm and silence. Make all 4 part the same length.
  • Chant three Om’s to make it full circle.
  • The vibrations will give you a deep feeling of relaxation.

This also works really well to calm newborn babies!


2. Sa Ta Na Ma

This particular mantra comes from Kundalini Yoga tradition and combines mantras with mudras (motion of the hand). It’s being said to reduce stress and there is even some research stating that it is a powerful tool in reducing Alzheimer’s.

The full practice of the mantra consists out of 1 minute out loud, 1 minute whisper, 2 minutes silent to yourself, 1 minute whisper and 1 minute out loud, but I’ve experienced that just saying out loud or to myself is already reduces my stress levels significantly. This is also my daughter’s favorite mantra. Some days she will just start chanting by herself and doing the mudras.



  • On Sa touch your dumb with your index finger
  • On Ta touch your dumb with your middle finger
  • On Na touch your dumb with your ring finger
  • On Ma touch your dumb with your pinkie



3. Gam Gam Gam Ganapataye Namah

Ganesh, the beloved elephant headed god. He is known as the Remover of Obstacles, but as my favorite teacher Alanna Kaivalya likes to say, he’s the Revealer of Possibilities. When talking about a god in the yogic tradition, we don’t mean a god that’s outside of ourselves, but we’re talking about the energy of, in this case, Ganesh, that present within us.

This mantra will help to invoke the energy of Ganesh so we can work through the obstacles and find possibilities. When you are challenged during the day and don’t see any solution, chant this mantra and be open and receptive for what comes up. Sometimes the answer is right in front of you.

There are many mantras for invoking the energy of Ganesh but this is my favorite! It might be harder to pronounce for the little ones, but that’s okay. Try making it into a song (what I always do) and let them have fun with it!



  • Close your eyes and say the mantra out loud: Gam Gam Gam Ganapataye Namah
  • You can do that once, twice or the full cycle of 108 times (if you are by yourself). You can use a mala to help you to keep track
  • Be still for a moment and let the mantra work through your body


4. Om Mani Padme Hum

This particular mantra is one that I often hear around me in temples here in Thailand, as this is found in the Buddhist tradition. It’s said that this mantra contains the very essence of Buddhist teachings.

This mantra brings calmness and help to direct the mind to one thing. Mothers run around all day and sometimes have a hard to sit still and focus on one thing. By chanting this mantra, clarity and focus will help you to see things more clearly and with more awareness.


  • Close your eyes and say the mantra out loud: Om Mani Padme Hum
  • You can simply say it or sing it or silently to yourself.
  • Notice the different sensations in your body, do you feel more centered?



5. Om Shanti

Keeping the peace on the inside is just as important as keeping the peace on the outside. The more peaceful you are, the more peaceful you’ll act and the more peaceful your children will react. By chanting this mantra we’re invoking peace on every level possible. I love to use this mantra if it looks like everything is falling apart.

This mantra will bring peace to you first, the place where peace starts. The more peaceful you feel and act the more this will influence those around you. I use this mantra often before I put the kids in bed. I ask them to imagine peace within themselves, peace for those around us and peace for the whole universe. They are still very young and don’t fully understand the concept of peace, but they are never to young to become aware of the world and start seeing it as a whole, instead of  separated.


  • Close your eyes and say the mantra out loud: Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
  • Imagine with each Shanti more peace is send into the world
  • Take a moment to fully be aware of the peaceful feeling, on the inside and on the outside




Try to combine your yoga practice together your kids with these mantras and make it even more fun!
Which mantra do you like best? Or do you have another favorite one?

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