Astrology is the study of the movements and aspects of the planets and its influence on our lives. Planet in astrology are each a ruler of a zodiac sign and the energy of the planet and the sign are similar but they’re not the same. This post is all about the planets and what part they play in your natal chart.


Planets in astrology

In the post about the Zodiac Sign and the Energies I explained about the different zodiac signs. Now we’re going to take it a step back and look at the planets in astrology. In a natal chart reading the planets tell us about what you do.  If we look at the sign we get an idea of how you act. Like the Moon stands for your emotions, for instance if your Moon is in Taurus could indicate that your emotions are fixed but when you do get angry, take cover! How it exactly plays out in your life depends on a lot of other aspects, but this is the short version.

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 The planets in Astrology


Ruler of Leo
The Sun is the masculine, powerful energy that tells you about your conscious persona, the way we interact with others in the world. It tells you about who you are and what drives you. The way you express yourself in a healthy way. It’s your true identity and it’s often considered as the ruler of the natal chart. The location of the Sun in your natal chart reveals the area in your life where your personality will shine. When you act out your true identity you also don’t over-identify with it or become self-centered. 


Ruler of Cancer
The Moon is our soft, feminine energy (present in men and women!), tell us about our emotions. Where the Sun stands for the way you shine, the Moon stands for your shadow, your unconscious, desires that are deep within us. It also shows what makes us feel secure and safe. In your natal chart it shows in which area of your life you feel most at home. When you do you can fully express your creative, imaginative and intuitive side.



Ruler of Gemini
The messenger god that rules over your communications and short-range travel. Mercury is the link between your conscious and unconscious. It rules your rational mind and always tries to make sense of things. When you are expressing Mercury on the high side you are productive, curious and communicative but the low side can leave you nervous and indecisive.



Ruler of Taurus (earthy/grounded side) and Libra (feminine/uplifted side)
The Goddess of Love rules over our relationships, pleasure and beauty. Venus embodies our sensuality, both in a physical and sexual sense, in the friendly and intimate sense. Venus urges us to live from our hearts, to surrender to all of the beauty around oneself. When Venus become unbalanced it want to take more than it needs. Venus naturally looks for balance and peace.



Ruler of Aries
The powerful drive and force, your survival instinct, Mars is known as the god of war. It’s a raw energy that often gets a bad reputation but this energy is also needed in order to start things up and push things/projects forward. When Mars is out of balanced aggression and impulsiveness can take over. It shows your basic (sexual) needs and what sets you off.




Ruler of Sagittarius
Jupiter is the king of expanding your consciousness. It stands for growth, knowledge and spiritual growth. Jupiter loves life and craves to explore and expand in every way possible. This hunger for gaining wisdom is fulfilled by traveling, long-distance, and learning about cultures, philosophy, religions. When Jupiter is expressed on the low side it knows no boundaries and its need to constantly grow can create a burnout.



Ruler of Capricorn
The task master, the father of the planets. Saturn pushes you to manifest your potential and bring out what is deeply within you. Saturn is often thought of a heartless worker, but it’s is necessary for progress and spiritual growth. Saturn also helps you to release and let go of what no longer service you in order to manifest your essentials in life. On the low side Saturn can turn into a workaholic and only have eyes for the work that needs to be done.


Ruler of Aquarius
Uranus is here to give you flashes of insight and inspiration. It sets things in motion with a strong sense for innovation and originality. It sparks the intuitive side of you responsible for inventions. When expressed on the high side Uranus can bring enlightenment and novelty but on the low side it acts out like a rebel without responsibility.



Ruler of Pisces
The god of the sea loves spirituality and subtle things. It your desire for unification and transcendence. It wants you to swim in the sea of your unconscious to connect you with the source, the divinity within yourself. If it dives too deep it will have difficulties coming back up. Grounding practices will to not drift too far.



Ruler of Scorpio
Pluto move us towards transformation, death and resurrection. It teaches that things need to end (die) first in order for new things to arise (resurrection). In order to grow spiritually patterns and habits need to be broken, so there is space for new beginnings. It pulls things above the surface where they need to be transformed. On the low side Pluto needs to control obsessively and has a tendency for destruction.


Ruler of Virgo
This is not a planet but a comet but its influence on your chart can be significant. Chiron is known as the wounded healer and it represents a deep wound that you carry within you. You need to heal this wound in order to overcome the thing that is holding you back. Chiron stands for a very deep wound and is therefore not easily healed. With hard work the wound can be overcome and present you with great powers to heal yourself and potentially other.



All of these energies are present in everyone. We do look at the patterns and movements of the planets in the sky but these energies are active within you. You don’t have to look outside of yourself to invoke the energy of a certain planet. Do you want to know more about your planets and how it plays out in your life? A natal chart reading will offer you this insight so you can use these energies on the high side. Book your natal chart reading here, this month they are reduced in price so book yours now!


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