Private yoga class

Does a private yoga class in the comfort of your own home sound perfect? Search no further! I am dedicated to offer yoga to everyone, everywhere. Have you always wanted to do yoga, but never found the time? Or have you been to many yoga classes but are you interested to deepen your practice?


Yoga has become a popular form of exercise over the years. Yoga studios are found in even the smallest villages. A diversity in styles is found in all the studios. Most people start because they like it as a way to exercise, but soon they feel that yoga has gotten its hooks on them.

There are many form and way to practice yoga. If you attend a class you have to follow the teacher, in a style that suits the whole class. But what if you’re looking for a more personalized way of practicing? Maybe you have certain physical limits or emotional blockages that stop you in your way. For these and more reasons I started offering private yoga classes. For people who want to explore their spiritual journey further in the comfort of their own home.

Yoga is not just a physical practice, even if you start out only enjoying the physical part. Yoga really is a psycho physical transformation. To have this transformation tailored to your needs will only add the experience. So what does a private session look like?


First session

The first session will be all about getting to know you. I’m invested in building a bond with you as a client, to get to know your strengths and weaknesses to be able to tailor the lesson completely to your needs. The first practice will focus on working through all the chakras and finding imbalances.

For the first session I highly recommend to also add a natal chart reading (read more about what it is here). It will give you a deeper understanding of your own inner world and it will give me some tools to further deeper the experience of yoga for you.

After the practice we will sit down together and discuss the practice, what came up physically, emotionally or mentally and how can we work on that in the future practices.

Private yoga session
90 min: THB 1200 (~$36)

Package price (natal chart reading, 60 min + yoga practice 90 min):
THB 2000 baht (~$60), 17% discount!


Following sessions


Yoga is a constant process, there will never be a moment where you can tick the box, done. Even as a teacher, I will always stay a student. How many sessions you choose to add is totally up to you! Each following session is optimized for your needs.

Single yoga session –
60 min: THB 900 (~$27)
90 min:
THB 1100 (~$33)

Package price (10x yoga practice 60 min):
THB 7500 baht ($240)
— THB 1500 ($45) package savings! —

Package price (10x yoga practice 90 min):
THB 9000 baht ($270)
— THB 2000 ($60) package savings! —

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