Hi, Patricia here!

Let’s be real for a moment.

Motherhood is hard.
Being an entrepreneur is hard

When you combine them? Double the trouble.

That’s why I created this community, so you can learn how to create harmony between the two without having to sacrificing one or the other.


By allowing your unique energies to guide you back into the flow of motherhood and entrepreneurship!


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Supportive community of mom entrepreneurs in its most honest form


Joyful transformation in the safety of our tribe


1-on-1 coaching to uncover your highest potential in life & business

Astrology and Motherhood

Learn and understand the natural cycles

Astrology is one of the greatest tools to get more insight into yourself, into your children and your business. It’s not complicated or only for astrologers! With simple practices you’ll be able to use the energies in the sky to create a life that is in flow with the natural cycles of the universe.

Patricia’s passion shows through her teaching. Her offerings are super powerful and life changing. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to thrive (rather than just survive) in their parenting.

Elise Fabricant

Yoga, Massage & Health Coaching, Elise Fabricant

Patricia is an incredible coach. Her powerful teachings have helped me to tap into the tools I have, trust my intuition and embrace who I am. I highly recommend her!

Dani Havasy

Chakra Therapeutics, Yoga and Astrology, Core Chakra

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Learn and understand the natural cycles