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Motherhood is hard

There, I said it. It’s something we don’t like to admit or talk about but it is and there’s no shame or guilt in that! I’ve been through my fair share of struggles and challenges as a mother. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years is that by embracing the current circumstances you can start shifting your mindset and move into The Flow of Motherhood. You don’t have to swim against the current and struggle your way up. You too can turn around and use the natural flow of the river of life to guide you back to the joys of motherhood.

Welcome to Nurture Play Love!

NURTURE your inner self

Becoming a mother is one of the most, or even The most transformational time in a woman’s life. Everything is turned upside down and inside out. This is the perfect moment to go within. It’s a time to reflect and redefine your life. What lights you up and what drains your energy? To get clear on your desires, right from the beginning, will help you to stay true to yourself and your inner goddess!

As a mother you often forget your own goddessness, you run around, busy taking care of others. Recharging your own battery is just as important and not selfish at all! Self-care is an essential part of your being. Reconnecting with your inner goddess will establish a deeper connection with your true desires. When your desires are met, you can more easily be the open and caring person that you’re meant to be. Nurture the relationship with yourself. It’s the most important relationship you have!

PLAY and allow the transformation to guide you

Your children know how to seize every moment and engage with all their attention. YOU also have that playfulness inside of you! When you grow up you lose this playfulness because you’re suppose to conform with society. Life is taken way too serious and therefore you lose the pleasures and joys you experienced as a child. To let your inner child out give you permission to play, explore and investigate without thinking about the result or goal.

When looking through the eyes of your children, you see they approach everything with curiosity and wonder. They don’t have any pre existing notions that color the experience. Every moment is met with a fresh and clean attitude. You can learn from that! By embracing your inner child and letting go of what you think (or society thinks) you should do. Let go of any previous conditioning and meet the situation with an open mind.

Magic is everywhere and everything is magical in the eyes of your children. Once you become more aware and conscious you’ll be able to see and feel the magic. It’s not about finding and creating the extraordinary, it’s about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Are you curious about your inner child and how to fully embody your inner goddess? Astrology is a great tool to map out your strengths and weaknesses so you can be the best version of yourSelf! Click here to read more about the power of astrology!

LOVE and embrace the healing power of the body!

Our bodies have the amazing ability to heal themselves. External factors like stress, an injury or an emotional experience our body’s natural healing power is challenged. Sometimes the wound comes from the inside. It doesn’t matter what it is or what causes the pain, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, you have the power within you to heal.

The first step to healing is acknowledging that there is pain. It can be hard to admit to yourself that you are in pain, but there’s great power in speaking up. Over the years many people have developed a way to ignore pain and just keep going. In the masculine driven society you are pushed to focus on the end goals, the result that you often forget to check-in with yourself how you truly feel.

It’s crucial for recovery to take your time. You know about the importance of physical recovery after birth but emotional, mental and spiritual recovery are just as important. As long as you give yourself the love and space it needs. You don’t need to ‘bounce back’, no one is going back, you’re moving forward. It’s all about creating a new routine, rather than getting back into the previous one. By allowing the space for stillness you reconnect with your true self.

The mother behind Nurture Play Love

I’ve been Nurturing, Playing and Loving for 32 years… Well, not exactly for that long but you get the point! I lived in the Netherlands up until 2012. After graduating in 2009, I packed my backpack and traveled around Southeast Asia. Long story short, I fell in love with an amazing local Thai guy, Jack! After considering all the options I jumped in the deep end in 2012 and moved to Thailand.

Thailand (and my super patient – now – husband) taught me how to slow down and embrace the unknown. I had no job, no prospects of a job and often we both had no income. I had no choice but to surrender to the moment. I’ve never been happier in my live.

Well, until we welcomed our beautiful daughter Luna into our lives. I was so grateful for not having a job so I was able to stay home and care for her full-time. It was such a peaceful and wonderful time. We lived in a bubble of love and happiness for a good 3 years.

The end of 2015 our family grew with the birth of our son Deva and I started working remotely for an interior design company. Things seemed to be going well but I started to develop a postpartum depression. Slowly but surely I moved further and further into my shell, blocked other people out and ignored my own thoughts, feelings and emotions. It wasn’t until our son turned one and I was standing in my mother’s kitchen that it hit me. My mom made a comment about not realizing how much he cried and how hard it must have been. I completely broke. Tears were streaming down my face as I told her how hard the past year has been. It was right then and there I had an epiphany, I have to change my mindset. I knew it all started with shifting my awareness.

Slowly but surely I climbed back up using yoga, meditation and astrology by my side.

It has been a long learning curve for me but I came out stronger. I now practice yoga daily, but my practice doesn’t always involve asanas (physical practice). I’ve immersed myself deeply into the yoga philosophy, the sacred rituals, the New and Full Moon rituals and meditations. Yoga is a state of mind, not a state of the body. All that I learned over the years of being a mother but also just being a woman, is something I’m passionate about to share with others.


I’m not here to tell you life is all about rainbow, butterflies and unicorns. Life is hard but learning how to flow through the seasons of life will make you a more balanced and well aligned human being. And I’m here to help you achieve that!

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