Mom guilt is something that every mother experiences at one point. The expectations we put on ourselves and the expectation of our surroundings feed into this guilt. This guilt can prevent you from fully embracing the moment and can paralyse your ability to surrender to the situation. The meditation helps you to get over this guilt and replaces it with gratitude, to create a mindset of Gratitude over Guilt.


I’ve got so many questions from mothers who were searching for meditations specifically for mothers. That’s why I’m going to offer a monthly meditation here on the Postpartum Support for Goddess Mamas Podcast. It’s an invitation for you to take that time for yourself. Each month the guided meditations will help to release, relief and reconnect.

I’ve been talking a lot about the importance of meditation and what the benefits are. If you have a daily meditation practice you’ll feel more grounded and conscious of yourself and the world around you. I have found that having my kids joining me takes my meditation practice to a whole different level. Even if they don’t want to sit down and be quiet with you, you can try some mantras with your kids to calm them in that way!

If you’ve never tried to meditate click on the link below and get instant access to an Energizing Morning Meditation video with downloadable audio!



Gratitude Over Guilt Meditation

This first meditation is something lots of mothers struggle with, mom guilt. It’s something that doesn’t serve you and it can really block you, in a physical way but also emotionally. Once you start moving away from the guilt and shift your mindset to gratitude, space opens up. Space that doesn’t need to be filled with negativity but space that can be filled with love and joy.

Go to a comfortable and quiet place and take this moment for yourself. Let go of all the guilt that you feel and let your inner light illuminate your dark corners. Let’s put gratitude over guilt!

If you have any suggestions for future guided meditations, please let me know and I’ll make sure to use your ideas to bring more peace into your live!


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