One more day and it’s DECEMBER! Holiday season is upon us! The time we spend with our families and friends, enjoy good food and look back at this year, but it’s often also a time for stress and tension, right? In this week’s podcast I’ll teach you how to move the holiday madness to holiday calmness!


December is a beautiful and magical month but lots of people also freakout with all of their to-do lists. Especially as moms our lists of activities goes on and on. How do you stay grounded and present during this beautiful time?

When we approach the end of the year we often experience anxiety that we didn’t do as much as we wanted or our goals weren’t reached. But what if you started to see this years as cyclical, rather than a stop and go? What if we look at the end of the year, not as an end but as a continuous cycle. If you stop being too hung up about what needs to be finished and closed before moving into the new year but see it as a flow. What doesn’t get done in December can be easily moved to January! Be gentle and kind with yourself. If you can use some guidance in setting priorities, listen to this previous podcast about self-care.




Holiday Madness or Holiday Calmness

This time doesn’t have to be a hectic and overwhelming time! It comes down to prioritizing what is important to you and not looking at others to see what they are doing. This might mean that you have to turn down parties or events. It is important to keep the stress at bay and if that requires you to reset your priorities than that’s exactly what you should do!

Choose for your own family this holiday season. Make sure they are your top priority and let the rest flow from there. Make (new) traditions that work for you and your family. You might even create new traditions! Let your intuition guide you through the holiday madness to create calmness.

Listen to this podcast and find out how you can set your boundaries and how you can navigate through this hectic time with grace and love.


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