We’re let to believe we should use our heads all the time and use logic to navigate this life. In this masculine driven society it might considered normal, but it’s not! We have deep roots going into the earth, feeding and nourishing us. Reconnect with your roots with this grounding meditation and stay strong even when life gets hectic and chaotic. 

grounding meditation


Is your head in clouds? Do you feel like you’re floating, but not in a good way? Do you feel overwhelmed just thinking about all the daily tasks ahead?

A good chance that you’re not grounded and results in feeling adrift. If you have a lot on your plate it’s easy to feel lost. Instead of going into overdrive and do nothing as a result of your ever growing to-do list, try to take a step back, breathe and connect back with your roots. A grounding meditation can help you to reset your energy and reset your thought.


Grounding Meditation

Meditation doesn’t mean sitting still for hours and not think of anything. A short meditation is beneficial already. And don’t worry about not thinking about anything, that’s not the main focus. In this grounding meditation I’ll guide your thoughts towards a more calm and peaceful place. It’s okay if thoughts keep coming up, just gentle notice them and bring your awareness back to the meditation and my voice. You’ll notice the more you meditate the easier it will be to keep your mind from drifting away.

Find a calm and quiet place to sit down. Light a candle and dim the lights.

To enhance the experience of the meditation, please feel free to use essential oils. I like to use grounding oils like Cedarwood, Sandalwood or Vetiver and place a few drops on the bottom of my feet.

Come to a comfortable seat, whether that is on a meditation cushion, yoga mat or on a chair, make sure your spine is up right.


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