How do you look at self-care? Naomi Gottlieb-Miller joins me this week and divides it in three self-care strategies. The daily, almost routinely, the regularly and the luxury self-care. We explore the reason why we think we’re not (doing) enough and how it all comes down to the question “Are you happy?”

self-care strategies

Naomi is a mother of two, a yoga teacher, a wellness coach, a wife and so much more. In this episode we go through her path of motherhood, her relationship with self-care growing up and her struggles with keeping up self-care when she just became a mom. She has a beautiful way of explaining the three self-care strategies so it doesn’t sound overwhelming or a luxury.

  • How we are not empowered and how to change that around [7:34]
  • Why self-care almost never comes naturally and knowing what it really is [11:48]
  • Naomi’s three self-care strategies  [12:40]
  • Self-care is all about the intention, not the action [13:35]
  • Whatever brings you joy is self-care [15:48]
  • Are you struggling to find time to read a book? [17:12]
  • Is your lack of self-care really the time or a priority? [19:15]
  • The difference between your home yoga practice and the practice at the studio [25:20]
  • How to train your kids to let you have a quiet moment on your yoga mat [27:34]
  • The pressure mothers have to ‘have it all together’ and continue to be better [30:36]
  • Do you want to plot the course of your river? [33:24]
  • Stop bypassing your needs [38:39]
  • Naomi’s advice to all new mons [40:04]
  • Find the one thing that makes you feel well taken care of, you don’t have to do all the things [44:05]



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