Being a mom and entrepreneur is great because you can make your own rules but it can also be super overwhelming when you’re trying to do it all. In my years of being both a mom and entrepreneur I had to go through some tough times to really find a sense of harmony. It had nothing to do with the number in my bank account or the number of clients. It had everything to do with prioritizing and setting up clear boundaries in all areas of my life. Learn how I managed to stay grounded and connect with my kids and my business.

mom and entrepreneur


I don’t like the term mompreneur. Why? Because it suggests that it’s one thing, but for me there clearly a distinction. When I’m with my kids I want to be 100% mom, when I’m working I want to be 100% entrepreneur because we all know that multitasking is not productive at all!

I make a conscious effort to be with my kids in the morning. That means no phone, just me and my kids. I turn my phone on when I sit in front of my computer, after spending time with the kids and meditation/intention setting ritual. Boundaries are key when you want to create a life that works for you, not the other way around!

There’s also no right or wrong answer because you change, your kids change and your business changes. The important thing to keep in mind here is that being a mom and entrepreneur is a blessing when you have the right systems in place. Listen to this episode and learn how you can take control over your life, while being a mom and entrepreneur!


  • Debunking the ‘balance’ myth of entrepreneurship and motherhood [01:23]
  • Strict boundaries between motherhood and business [02:03]
  • A typical day at our house [02:44]
  • How setting up boundaries trigger the Mom Guilt [05:53]
  • Being of service to others while being a mom [07:09]
  • Harmony is the flexibility to change when things don’t work [08:47]
  • How to balance being on social media for your business without being sucked into it [09:27]
  • Sharing my authentic voice on social media was part of my personal healing journey [10:03]
  • How to grow your business from an authentic place [13:32]
  • Doing your soul’s work [15:18]
  • How to stay on the high side of your energy while doing things you don’t enjoy [16:23]
  • Drop the ‘hustle’ and ‘pushing through’ [17:12]
  • How to run your business from a place of calmness and harmony [20:05]
  • Hone in on your power [20:35]



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