Grab your earphones for this juicy episode! I interview Robin Hilton Bowden about Tantra and sexual power. What does it mean for a mother in this day and age to claim her sexual power and to take back the control over her desires, her pleasure and her life in general. So much of our power comes from our creative center, the second chakra. Creativity and procreativity are interconnection. They are one. Learn more about Robin’s work around claiming this power and how it has shifted her work and her own life.




Tantra is quickly associated with lustful sex and hour-long orgasam but it’s so much more than that. In this episode we hardly even mention physical sex but we go into what it means to be your own seductress. How to break through thought-patterns that limit your self-worth and live an abundant life. Robin is a very inspiration woman and I believe a leader in changing the way we look at our life when it come to (all kinds of) pleasure.

Tune in and discover the true meaning of tantra and sexual power!

  • How Robin’s coaching can offer the missing piece of the puzzle in your life, your career or any other area [3:12]
  • She discovered yoga after her youngest was born and opened her to a whole new world [5:32]
  • After about 5 years of teaching yoga she started looking for more depth for herself and her students [6:56]
  • How she unlocked the never ending source of power within [9:32]
  • Working as a sex coach and how people respond to that [11:08]
  • Supporting women who want to build or grow their businesses  [12:45]
  • Sexuality, conditioning and shame [14:45]
  • What Tantra truly is and how Robin incorporates it into her business [16:22]
  • The difference between classic and neo Tantra [20:20]
  • How does an Integrated Sex Coach work [23:35]
  • Sex drive and pleasure in the postpartum period [29:34]
  • Getting your sex drive and trust in your body back after giving birth [38:42]
  • Feeling pleasure again is the healing power [41:18]
  • Raising the next generation with body awareness and sexual consciousness [42:02]
  • Body awareness vs. sexual awareness with kids and how to be their guide [45:20]



Episode 12: Self Worth & Pleasure

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