Creating a life that is in flow with the natural rhythms of life might sound complicated but honestly it’s the most natural and profound shift I’ve been through in a long time! Once you start to understand and incorporate it into your daily life, there’s so much space left for the magic of motherhood. It doesn’t remove any obstacles you find along the way but it does guide you how to navigate around it with ease.

magic of motherhood


Living in a masculine driven society often means we need to be ON all the time. There’s no space for real down time. It’s hard to feel like you always need to perform. We’re wearing so many hats, we’re mothers, women, wives, girlfriends, daughters and we want to be good at all of it, all the time. Unless you have an unlimited amount of energy there will be days where you’re simply not feeling it. And you can trace it back to your cycle! Yes, tapping into the energy of your cycle will not only give you more energy (it will give you more focused energy to be more precise) but it was also make you more productive.

Do you want to learn how to do this and how to create more space for the magic of motherhood? Listen to the episode below and learn how you can apply this to your own life. It doesn’t involve complicated steps, you simply start tracking your cycle and your energy, that’s it! Let me know in the comments if you’re already track your cycle or if it’s new to you!


  • How to invite magic into your life [3:39]
  • The super power of our cycles [4:47]
  • The four phases of your cycle and the Moon [6:33]
  • The first phase of the cycle; the New Moon/menstrual phase [7:36]
  • The second phase; waxing Moon/follicular phase [13:15]
  • The third phase; Full Moon [15:18]
  • The fourth phase; waning Moon/luteal phase [17:12]
  • How to be more productive in less time [19:23]
  • Learn more about cyclical living [23:14]



Learn more about the unique community The Flow of Motherhood here. Discover a new way of getting into the flow of life, together with other mothers who are embracing the magic of motherhood!



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