Are you wondering when you’re going to have time to realize your dreams? Do you feel stuck in the treadmill of life? Lana Shlafer is an amazing woman, mother, manifester and inspirational goddess. Her journey into motherhood has let her through a memorable path, finding the true strength within herself. We dive into yoga, motherhood and manifestation and how we can be our own best advocates!


motherhood and manifestation


We’ve all established that motherhood can have its challenges. I’m the first one to admit that it isn’t all rainbows and butterflies! But I’m also the first one to say that we all have a responsibility in how we feel and that’s why I absolutely loved this conversation I had with Lana Shlafer. Her view on motherhood and manifestation were so refreshing.

I’ve talked about mindset before in episode 27: The Magic of Motherhood and how through allowing you create the space for magic. Lana goes even a step further when it comes to mindset and the things we can consciously shift. She talks about the 1 degree shift that can slowly take you to where you want to go. Does this mean it won’t be uncomfortable? Absolutely not… You will still meet resistance, but when you meet that resistance with love, instead of more resistance you will transform!


  • Yoga has been part of Lana’s life from a very young age [3:46]
  • Her twin pregnancy inspired her to research natural pregnancies and births [8:56]
  • She birthed her twin 33 hours apart! [9:30]
  • How she used motherhood and manifestation to grow [12:28]
  • Her second birth [of their third baby] was the birth that broke her [14:56]
  • Being in a mindset of change opposed to resistance [16:45]
  • Don’t ask the mirror to change, you’ve got to change and the mirror will reflect it different to you [18:48]
  • Yoga as a tool to go just a little bit further, mentally, physically, emotionally [22:40]
  • Your mindset is like a muscle that can be trained [26:30]
  • Manifesting your dreams; pushing against resistance only creates more resistance [29:33]
  • Start with the desire to feel better [31:27]
  • When one doors closes, another will open, but between that is a long and dark hallway [35:57]
  • An upgraded version of the caterpillar to butterfly (it involves a struggle!) [37:12]
  • Struggles shape us and give us strength [40:03]
  • Gratefulness will arrive when we unwrap the gift in the challenge [44:12]
  • It takes a village to raise a child and a child to raise a village [46:24]
  • You have to seek before you can find [49:31]
  • Lana’s advice to new moms [53:15]




Lana’s links:

Incredible birth story of Lana’s twins, 6 days of labor and the twins were born 33 hours apart!

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