Infertility is a heavy subject. In this episode I’m joined by naturopath and midwife Carmen and we explore the topic of infertility and nutrition. Through her work as a naturopath and midwife she helps mothers (to-be) to find root causes of their struggles rather than treating the symptoms. Learn more how you can be proactive when it come to your health!


infertility and nutrition


I’ve talked about a holistic approach to healing a postpartum depression before. In this episode we take it a step back and explore the time before conception and during pregnancy. Carmen is passionate about sharing her knowledge of midwifery and naturopathy to help mothers find a better balance. We talked about how infertility and nutrition play a role in exploring different options for couples who struggling.

Infertility is a big topic nowadays. More and more couple struggle with conceiving. Once they go into the medical system, about 20 to 30% comes out without an explainable cause. In those cases it’s good to know you have options besides the medical system to help boost your fertility in a natural way. Of course this doesn’t mean that nutrition can fix everything, but a holistic approach to fertility might be the answer for some couples.

Little heads up, we experienced some difficulties with Carmen’s sounds quality but the episode is a gem full of valuable information so I hope you can see (listen) through it.


  • Naturopathy as a healing modality and how it works [4:27]
  • The three constitutions of naturopathy [5:46]
  • What the role of naturopathy and unexplained infertility (20-30% of infertility cases) can be [9:04]
  • Options a OB/GYN might not consider when it comes to infertility [11:50]
  • The combination of working with a doctor and a naturopath to address infertility [16:12]
  • How to nourish yourself while you’re pregnant without having to spend hours in the kitchen [18:15]
  • Don’t worry too much on ‘getting it right’, just make sure you follow what your body is telling you [23:51]
  • Batch cooking is a life-saver for new moms – or any mom really! [24:34]
  • Be the first one to step up and admit that you’re having a hard time [27:15]
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff – make sure your daily routine is focused on nutritious meals [30:27]
  • Healthy eating is not about depriving yourself or your children [32:48]




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