Postpartum care for the mother is a massively neglected topic. There are plenty of books and articles on how to care for a newborn, the phases of development and guidelines. The first 6 weeks are somewhat covered but after that it’s up to you. Our society is so individualized that mothers often feel alone and ashamed to ask for support. It’s up to us to raise the maternal consciousness and create a world where mothers feel held and loved.


Maternal Consciousness


It was a true honor to have my dear friend Soraya DosSantos on the show and hear her talk about her journey into motherhood, her awakening and her beautiful strength and power. For Soraya giving birth was really giving light to the universe, the next generation and to herself. She continues to inspire other though the channeled messages she receives.

We all have a responsibility – not just for our own maternal mental health but also for the collective maternal health. Together we rise, now more than ever. Tune into this episode and learn how you can raise the maternal consciousness.


  • Soraya shares her journey into motherhood [4:28]
  • Being pregnant was an amazing experience [5:25]
  • Feeling excited and fearful hearing that she had to be induced [9:05]
  • The fear of going home [16:46]
  • Binge watching shows was taking her further away from herself [19:50]
  • Numbing out can be very damaging [23:28]
  • She found her way back to God, the connection within herself [27:10]
  • Give light oppose to giving birth [30:20]
  • Honor the transformation to take place instead of focusing on bouncing back [35:32]
  • The mental health support that mothers need after this shift – it’s not just giving birth [39:45]
  • Channeling our own maternal wisdom to best support others – in person or across the world [42:10]
  • Embrace and connect with all of the aspects of giving light [46:20]



Soraya’s links;

Interview with postpartum doula Sophie: Episode 6: Nourishment from a Postpartum Doula



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