Maternal mental health awareness is growing but there’s still a lot that needs to be done. That’s why this week I invited dr. Danielle Jenkins to join me in a conversation about postpartum depression, anxiety and psychosis. Dr. Jenkins shares her wisdom after years of training and working in the field of maternal mental health.


maternal mental health


Most moms who are in a postpartum depression don’t share about their experience because of fear of judgment or because they don’t even realize they’re in one. The stigma around sharing your true feelings and emotions is big. We’re ‘supposed’ to feel blissful and happy but the reality of sleep deprivation, physical discomfort or lack of support can drive any well grounded mother over the edge.

We’re slowly moving the needle towards acceptance, but there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done. That’s why this conversation is so necessary. We dive right into the topic, covering the whole postpartum spectrum.

Please share this episode with the mothers in your life who are struggling. You’re not alone!!


  • Dr. Danielle Jenkins shares why she became a psychologist, specialist in maternal mental health [4:10]
  • The term postpartum depression has become an umbrella of postpartum struggles [6:14]
  • One of the biggest struggles for new moms [11:06]
  • The social media pressure of people who ‘do it all’ [13:01]
  • The two biggest predictors of postpartum depression she found in her research [16:14]
  • What can we do to support pregnant and postpartum moms in our lives [20:34]
  • Walking the fine line between checking in and insulting a postpartum mom [23:24]
  • Under representation of maternal mental health and women’s mental health in general in her studies [27:08]
  • When a postpartum depression or anxiety turns into postpartum psychosis [36:13]
  • Stigma keeps postpartum depression out of the mainstream conversations [40:08]
  • Prioritize sleep new moms! [44:23]

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