As an entrepreneur you’re always trying to optimize your workflow right? When is your energy the highest to be the most productive. You could say you’re giving your best and highest energy to your business. Which is great for your business, but less for your partner right?! This week Kayla Berg, a relationship coach talks about creating magic into our relationship (hint; don’t plan date night when you’re super tired!)



magical relationship


In our business we’re constantly trying to streamline the processes. We know what our most productive times and days are and before we know we only use those high energies days for our business. Kayla challenges us to use those time to spend with your partner too. Not just at the end of an exhausting day.


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Her advice was spot on, schedule quality time when you feel your best! I couldn’t believe how simple, yet super effective this advice was. I started implementing it and it made such a difference. Our partners deserve to spend time with us when we’re feeling our best self! 

What are you waiting for? Create a magical relationship yourself!


  • Relationship struggles of entrepreneurs vs. people in corporate jobs [2:13]
  • Prioritizing quality time with your partner when you already feel overwhelmed [5:18]
  • Tracking your rhythm, not just in business but also in your relationship [6:01]
  • Using the natural energy cycles in your relationship [8:22]
  • Breaking through the resentment cycle [11:28]
  • How to speak your truth and respect your partner [15:40]
  • What makes a couple ‘successful’ [22:50]
  • The purpose of relationship isn’t fairytale love, it’s growth [24:39]
  • How to maintain the magic in the bedroom [26:42]
  • Hiding from intimacy is worth exploring [31:10]
  • How to overcome the gap of growth – spiritual, business or personal growth [35:15]

Kayla Berg – The Institute of Love and Magic (where you can get your FREE copy of her new book Wild Love)

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