As mothers we need to understand the significance of daily rituals and the effects on our wellbeing. In this episode I’ll take you through the concept of rituals and why it will help you to stay grounded and present with your baby and/or children. 



What is your first thought when you hear the word ritual? Does it sounds super spiritual and new-aged? Think again, because it’s a very powerful way to find some peace and calm among the daily chaos that we mothers can experience.

Specially right after giving birth you might feel like you’re in survival mode, running from one task to the other. During all this running it might be difficult to find time to stay connected to your inner voice. Hormones are racing through your body, you’re recovering and if you have older children, they also need their mother. The last thing on your mind might be to do rituals.

I’ve talked about my own postpartum journey before and how I was sabotaging my own happiness. Daily rituals have played a big role in reconnecting to my inner voice and listening to it again. It slowly made me realize that I was worthy and taking those few minutes for myself was essential to be the mother that I wanted to be. A grounded and fully present mother.


Daily Rituals for a Grounded Mama

In this podcast I explain why I think every mother should do a daily ritual. No worries, I’m not talking about rituals that last for at least an hour, I’m talking about rituals to connect with your inner goddess. A way to slow down and recharge that battery. We all need a moment where we sit down and quiet our mind.

I’ll go into what rituals are and why they play such a crucial role in keeping your emotional and mental body healthy.


Make sure you download the free Daily Ritual Guide below to start your own daily ritual or to make your ritual a daily practice!

Listen to the episode below and let me know what your daily ritual looks like!



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