Motherhood is about joy, happiness and bliss, right? Let’s be real, motherhood is hard! And it’s okay to say that out loud! Yes, we love your children but it’s not all butterflies, rainbows and unicorns. By embracing the struggle of motherhood you’ll be able to tap into that joyful place within.



You are not a bad mother if you speak up about how hard motherhood is! It’s quite the opposite, when you are accepting the struggles and admit that sometimes it’s freaking hard, you open up space to really be in touch with your true feeling. Nobody benefits from hiding your true feelings! I did for a long time which ended in a long postpartum depression (you can listen to the full story here).

Our children are a reflection of the way we interact with them. Our parenting is largely influenced by the way we’ve been raised and the community you grew up in. Even if you chose to go a different path, the underlying structure is often still the same. Becoming a mother is a great moment to go within and look at who you are and what you want. Once you know who you are and what you want it’s easier to start embracing the struggle of motherhood.


Embracing the Struggle of Motherhood

We are surrounded by (almost aggressive) masculine energy. We live in a goal driven society where there’s very little space for a softer approach. The feminine energy gives you so much more grace and ease. Because we grew up and still live in this masculine dominated society, this also reflects the way we parent. We should rule over our children and push them into the direction that we want and society expects.

Is there another way of guiding our children and to let go a bit more? Absolutely! Your children are always searching for more magic in their lives and we can guide them towards that. When you can let go of that overbearing control and start embracing the struggle of motherhood.

Listen to this episode and tune into this wisdom that we all have within us. Being a mother can be hard but there are many ways we can soften our energies and become more intune with the flow of life.



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