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Running a business and a family takes planning, strategizing and prioritizing. Having a thriving family life and business aren’t mutually exclusive! How you might wonder? By tapping into your zone of genius and allowing you to shine your bright light.

Creating harmony isn’t rocket science, it just takes the right approach and insights. Your personal natal chart gives just that, a blueprint of who you are, your potential and your shadows. By acknowledging both you can prioritize the right actions and soften your hard edges.

Achieve more in less time

Get more done by doing less. We’re going to uncover your personal flow so you become more productive. Leaving more time for what matters most to you.

What better way to this than with a group of like-minded mom entrepreneurs who are ready to take their responsibility and transform as a woman, wife, mom and entrepreneur!

Find the MAGIC in Life and Business



Masterclass Rewrite your Money Story + workbook
with financial coach Katie Mongelli from
Monarch Financial Coaching
Value €97

Masterclass Spiritual Overwhelm
with Willemijn Maas from
Elemental Life – Cyclical Living for ambitious women who want to have impact
Value €97


Masterclass Thinking Outside the Box
with author and coach Courtney Pinkerton
Value €97

Soraya D.
Maternal Conscious Collective
“I started my coaching not having a clue where to start, everything was jumbled and didn’t know what the end result would be. Patricia provided spiritual foundation for my growth and progression. She brought her amazing marketing and business tools and conscious marketing strategies to help me organize myself and create the vision that I will share with the world.”

start on March 20th 2019 – Libra Full Moon & Spring Equinox

Stellarpreneur: 12 Week Uplevel your Life & Business Group Coaching

Are you looking for building your business alongside other power mama entrepreneurs? Then this group is perfect for you! Grow and evolve together in a dynamic group setting. Learn from each other, lift each other up and experience incredible support.

One Time Payment

€ 1500

Payment Plan

3 times € 550

You’ll get:

One-on-one unboarding call with natal chart reading (value €147)
New Moon Yoga Nidra to tap into the Moon energy
New and Full Moon Circles
12 times group session – all sessions will be recorded
Videos on building and maintaining your business
Access to Masterlist of Business Resources
Access to private FB group for your group of soul sister entrepreneurs


You’ll learn:

How to be more productive using your own cycle
Importance of the Moon cycle
Find your authentic voice
Form your unique message
Build a sustainable, thriving soulful business
Set up boundaries for more freedom and balance!
Know your value and are able to ask your value
Community building
Get more by doing less!!

Meet Patricia Panasri

Meet Patricia Panasri

Astrologer | Yoga Teacher | Mom

I get it, combining motherhood and entrepreneurship can feel like an impossible juggle. But I’m here to tell you that you can do it! You can tap into your zone of genius, get into the natural flow of life and turn your life and business around!

I’ve been in a place of breakdown and overwhelm. I know what it’s like to hit rock bottom. After my second was born I was in a deep postpartum depression. It wasn’t until he turned one I was able to admit to myself I was in one. The astrologer must know better right? Well, I’m no different than you, feeling the pressure of society and myself to keep going.

Something clicked around my son’s birthday and I realized I had to shift my mindset around being successful. I started to work less and rest more and the results were incredible. I got more done in less time because I allowed myself to rest when I needed it. So simple and yet so powerful.

That’s why I made it my mission to guide other mom entrepreneurs who think being a mom and an entrepreneur are mutually exclusive back to that place of trust and harmony. You can grow your family and your business at the same time by learning how to tap into your unique superpower, honor your body and be gentle with yourself.

We women have a unique way of running our business so let’s honor our feminine energy and do business our way!


I don’t know anything about astrology, can I still join?
You don’t need to know anything about astrology to join. We’re going to start with the basics, your natal (birth) chart. Together we’re going to uncover all your layers and how to highlight or soften the energies.

How can astrology help me to unlevel my business?
Most entrepreneurs know their strengths and weaknesses on a conscious level but do you know what truly sets you on fire? Astrology helps you to focus on the things you love and ask for help for the things you have a harder time with.

What can change in 12 weeks?
Everything. Once you get the confirmation on what works for you and what doesn’t you can implement this in your business and in your life. Structuring your week, months and quarters around your energy, not your time. It’s a profound change in mindset. From “never enough time” to “how do I want to feel”.

I’m just starting my business, is this coaching for me?
While you can absolutely join when you’re just starting out, this coaching is more geared towards entrepreneurs who have established their passion and their why and are now looking for more guidance to structure their business and life.




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