Sometimes you have conversation that leaves you thinking and wondering. I just had a conversation like that with an amazing friend who told me how her friend cancelled their plans last minute and responded in the most beautiful way. It made me think what type of friend I am. How do I respond to sudden cancelled plans? How present am I with their struggles and pain? And most importantly how can I be a better mom friend?

Mom Friend


Relationship change and evolve all the time, as they should! Friendships you had in high school are completely different than the friendships you have now as a mom. Once we get into a flow within the friendship we have established trust. But what happens when our own egos get in the way and block us from responding with understanding and compassion?

How to be an Amazing Mom Friend

Becoming a mother has initiated a major transformation within myself but also the way I relate and interact with others. I had a heightened sensitivity around my children and my own self-worth. All of a sudden I would care a great deal about opinions of others around the way I’m raising my children.

For some reason I question myself and take other people’s opinions very serious. I know I’m not the only one and many mothers feel this insecure. This is one of the reasons why it can be hard to speak about something that’s bothering you. The fear of judgment.

Things like vaccination aren’t discussed out of fear of judgment. Whether you pro vaccination or against, it doesn’t matter. If we can’t have these conversation in an honest and open environment with our friends, than where can we?

Holding Space

You might have heard the term holding space within your yoga studio or from spiritual teachers but what does it really mean? To me holding space means openness and silence between words. To me it means to listen without saying a word, out loud and within. It means being present as a receiver. When your mom friend shares her struggles she’s not looking for advice, she’s looking for understanding and support.

Whether or not we agree, wouldn’t it be nice to simply be heard. So when your mom friend shares a difficult decision, be there for her. Listen and stay silent until she asks you to speak up. To hold space means to leave your own opinion behind and you serve her in the best way possible.

When my friend mentioned how she had handle the situation with her friend cancelling their plans, I took a deep bow. Her friend called her saying she was afraid she couldn’t make it. Instead of throwing judgment into the situation, she simply told her to hang up the phone, ground herself and ask the question to herself. Her answer was I can’t make it. For her to be able to have the space to make up her mind, is so powerful and profound. An example for us all! A true mom friend!


Judgment Free Zone

We mothers judge ourselves more than enough, you don’t need other people’s judgment on top of that.

To give her the feeling that she can cancel plans last minute without having to worry about what you are going to say or think about it. We’re all mothers, if anything, we should be the one understanding that some days you just can’t get it together, no matter how hard you try. There’s not always an explanation other than, I just can’t today.

Remember this has nothing to do with you. Talking her cancellation personal is something you need to work on. Because you bet she feels just as guilty about having to cancel. There no need for judgment or labeling the situation. If anything, you should be happy that she felt safe enough to cancel the plans!


Create the Future

Imagine what we teach our children – daughters and sons – what’s it’s like to be a true friend, a true amazing mom friend. How can you release your own attachment and have genuine conversation about the raw and unfiltered sides of life.

We shouldn’t be biting our tongues when we want to share our truth. Mostly it happens unconsciously, through conditioning or not wanting to bother the other person. Whatever it is, it shouldn’t stop us from expression our truth. To create this new paradigm where we feel free to share, we need to start with ourselves and how we respond to our friends.

How have you been taking care of your friends? Have you given them the space they need to feel safe and held? Is there something that you can change? I know that I can do a few tweaks here and there 😉


Love – Trust – Honesty

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