Astrology can be a mysterious thing, something beyond your understanding, but it doesn’t have to be! Once you understand the basics you can use it in your everyday life! A monthly Lunar Weather Report for mother and child can help you to recognize the current Moon phases so you can be prepared for what to come. Learn how you can use this knowledge to schedule your day more in flow with the cosmic events.

lunar weather report

Moon Phases

Each month – or to be more precise every 29.5 days – the Moon goes through several phase, influencing all life on earth, including ours. Whether you are aware of it or not, you might have heard midwives taking about an increase of births during a Full Moon. Or children having a more restless sleeping pattern during a Full Moon.

We all know that the Moon is responsible for the tides so why wouldn’t in have an effect on us, with our bodies containing about 60% of water? In a sense we also go through our own high and low tides, each month and so do our children.


Cyclical Nature

I started following the Moon phases and the effects on my body. I shifted from pushing through my senses to listening to my what my body was telling me. The messages were very subtle but once I connected it to the Moon phases it all made sense.

Time isn’t linear, it’s cyclical. Life itself goes through ebbs and flows. In winter animals go into hibernation and nature takes is slow, while in summer animals are active and nature is in full bloom. This also happens to us, in winter we want to stay in while summer is more an outward energy. This cycle is repeated every year, and every time we come back to the same place, and yet we’ve grown.

Understanding the Moon and the different phases offer great insights in the current energies. Using this knowledge in your daily life makes a big difference.

For this reason I started with monthly Lunar Weather Reports, specially for mothers and children. How can you use the energy of this month’s New Moon or what can you expect to happen during the Full Moon? Children are very sensitive to energy shifts. It’s not just about the New or Full Moon but it’s also important to know in which sign the Moon is and how our children might respond.


Lunar Weather Report Newsletter

At the beginning of each month you’ll receive an email packed with all the information. When the New and Full Moons are happening and in what sign. In addition you’ll receive suggestions and practices you can do with your children before or during the New and Full Moons. This will create more harmony within the family dynamic and it helps you understand whether or not it’s a good time to have a heart-to-heart conversation or it’s a better time to play and let your inner child out!

I’ll tell you how to use the energy’s high side and how to avoid the low side, from a mother and child perspective. I’ll teach you how you can calm your kids down when they feel overwhelmed by their emotions or by their high energy. Which – most of the time – will help them sleep better, or at least help them to fall asleep more calmly.

Living intune with the lunar energies will increase your energy. No longer do you have to push through that little voice in the back of your head. We are cyclical beings and by only focusing on our goals and productivity, we forget to rest when needed. There are times of the month that are perfect for resting and other times you will feel energized and ready to take on anything! With the monthly lunar weather report will be able to plan your month according to the cosmic energies. It will leave you feeling energized and in control!

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What are you most looking forward to in the lunar weather report? Let me know in the comments!


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