Natal charts may sounds mysterious but they can provide you a map of your soul’s purpose. It can give you so much insight about your life.  If you are interested in exploring your deeper inner layers than astrology is a create tool. Diving deep into your patterns, habits and tendencies will help you to express yourself to the fullest. Read on and let the natal chart mystery be demystified! 

Natal Chart Demystified

Astrology has played an important role in my life for the past few years. It’s hard to imagine that just 5 years ago I knew very little about astrology and what impact it could have on my life. I was doing yoga for years and yes, I felt more relaxed but I was at a point where the physical practice wasn’t doing it for me anymore and it became more of a workout. Right at the same time as I started deepening my yoga practice, astrology entered my life and made a lasting impression behind.


Eye Opening

Five years ago I attended my first yoga retreat here in Thailand. One of the yoga teachers was also an astrologer and she offered to read my natal chart. I didn’t know more about astrology than the horoscopes I read in the newspaper, so basicly nothing… I didn’t know what to expect but I was mindblown! How can someone who doesn’t know me tell me everything about me? She laid out my personality perfectly.

At that time I’ve just moved to Thailand, living in a small rural village. Job opportunities weren’t around for an interior architect. I was absolutely loving living there but I was wondering if I wasn’t wasting my time there. She told me that I was exactly where I was suppose to be and that I should use that time to do ‘nothing’. At that moment I didn’t really know what she meant, but I surrendered to the low paced life. She told me that I will find my calling, just not now. A few weeks later I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter and from that moment, up until she was about 1 year old I did exactly that, ‘nothing’. I wasn’t forcing to find a job or getting frustrated. I surrendered into motherhood, the most important ‘job’ I’ll ever have.

Fast forward to today, I found my calling, helping other mothers create a fulfilling life through yoga and astrology! I didn’t search like crazy but I was open to the signals as I was trusting the universe and its timing. I’m not saying I didn’t work hard, or that I didn’t have any struggles but I tuned into my inner guide and intuition.



Natal Chart Demystified

So what are natal charts exactly and how do they work?

The way I like to explain a natal chart reading is with reading a book for the second time. You know what the book is about but you can’t remember all the details. Sometimes you don’t even know how it ends anymore. As you flip through the pages, more and more comes back to you and slowly the whole story comes alive again in your mind.

A natal chart reading is like that. Nothing in the chart will be a total surprise. Often the readings are full of aha moments, where you are reminded of certain habits or patterns. Nothing in the reading is a really new information but rather information that you’ve forgotten due to experiences as a child or from the community you lived in.

It shows you where your strengths and weaknesses are so you become aware of them. The more you come aware of it more you can move towards your true inner Self. This doesn’t mean you should leave your job immediately and drop everything to pursuit your purpose. Sometimes it means that you can make small adjustments in your life so it become more intune with your core values.

A natal chart is basically a map of the sky the moment you are born. The planets, their positions and their aspects toward each other give insight about what’s deep down in you. Every planet and sign have a high side and low side. You have all the signatures of the signs and planets within you, so if you are expressing a low side of a sign or planet, you have the ability to turn it around to the high side. In the end it’s all a conscious decision, astrology can help you uncovering it and making it conscious.

Natal Charts


This month I’ll dive deeper into the world of astrology. Stay tuned for more information about the zodiac signs, planets and why astrologers talk a lot about Full and New Moons! Receive the updated and more specials automatically in your inbox. As a bonus, you will receive the FREE cheat sheet Signs of the Zodiac.


Are you interested in a natal chart reading? I offer reading in person (for Bangkok locals) or online. You always receive a recording of the reading so you have the opportunity to listen back to it and fully process all the information. When questions come up afterwards you can always contact me so I can clarify them.


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