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The Flow of Motherhood & Entrepreneurship Masterclass | Netherlands

Bring out your best side as a woman, mother and entrepreneur! Once you allow all of your strengths to rise to the surface, through mapping out your astrological blueprint, the fog will lift so you can see your true self!

Enough with the hustling. Align yourself with the energies of the universe to become more productive, focused, grounded and joyful!

End of Sept. Exact date to be announced

The Flow of Motherhood Workshop | Bangkok

Start trusting your inner voice and build a foundation to move forward in your journey. How? By understanding your own astrological blueprint and using the energies to become the best version of YOU! 

Coming Soon!


Essential Oils for Emotional Support

Learn how to apply oil in your daily life to support your own emotional need and your children’s needs.

Increase your focus, awareness, productivity and more!

Every first Thursday of the month


The Flow of Motherhood Retreat | Mallorca

 Break through the guilt you’re experiencing juggling all the different hats. Immerse yourself in astrology, yoga, meditation and create a life in alignment with your highest purpose.

17-20 September

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