This week I’m joined by a special guest Katie Callahan, who is brave enough to share her story into motherhood and ways to overcome postpartum depression. She’s a mother of two who experienced a postpartum depression after her second was born. She was able to turn the tie and change the way she looked at motherhood and life in general.

overcome postpartum depression


When most people think about a postpartum depression, they think about first time moms who are insecure about their mothering skills and don’t know if they’re doing it right. But the reality is that postpartum depressions don’t just happen to first time moms. I personally had a wonderful postpartum period after my first was born, but when my second arrived, my world collapsed. A deep and dark postpartum depression came over me and took over.


Overcome Postpartum Depression

Katie’s story is an inspiring story of how she was able to recognize what was going on. It wasn’t until she stopped breastfeeding her son that she realised how she’d neglected her emotional body. Katie shares how she found ways to care better for herself and therefore be a better mom.

To overcome postpartum depression it takes time and sometimes it feels like a continuous journey. Katie takes us into her way of letting go of the control by allowing playfulness into her life. The more she surrendered to the current moment the more she’s able to embrace and enjoy the present moment.

Surrendering is a big theme when it comes to overcome postpartum depression. It’s letting go of your expectation on a deep level and knowing that it’s all taken care of and okay. Katie is an amazing example of how to take your own responsibilities and heal through it!

Tune in to this week’s episode and learn how you can use her tips to lift your own mood up!

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