Power Sessions

Short & Sweet Astrology Sessions

Natal Chart Session

Is this your first time working with your chart? Start here and (re)discover your patterns, habits and tendencies in this 60 minute session. Learn how to turn downward energy upward and how to highlight your high side.

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Knowing what your good qualities and your pitfalls are give you a toolbox how to handle complicated situation and get the most out of amazing opportunities.


  • 60 minute 1-on-1 session
  • Natal chart
  • Recording of the session
  • Tips and Tools

Power Check-up Business Session

Are you on track already and only need a business tune up? This session is perfect for you! In 20 minutes we’re going to go over the highlights of the coming months, when to charge forward and when to allow rest.

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When you’re familiar with your natal chart and have been able to use the energies within your chart to shift your life but are searching for guidance for you next launch or project. Get a quick overview of the energies in the sky for the next few months.


  • 20 minute 1-on-1 session
  • Natal chart + transit chart
  • Recording of the session
  • Basic outline of next few months
I started my mentorship not having a clue where to start, everything was jumbled and didn’t know what
the end result would be. Patricia provided spiritual foundation for my growth and progression. She
brought her amazing marketing and business tools and conscious marketing strategies to help me
organize myself and create the vision that I will share with the world. Soraya D.

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