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The moment you were born the planets were in certain positions. A natal chart looks at those planets as if it was a snapshot of the sky. Therefore it’s important to have the exact time and place of birth. A natal chart reveals where your strengths and weaknesses lay. Where and when there are opportunities to grow and important life lessons. It can also show your destiny, or your soul’s purpose in this life.

Now there is one important thing to keep in mind when looking at a natal chart. Even though the stars might tell you about your destiny that doesn’t mean that you automatically are expressing it. There is an important factor that cannot be overlooked; free will. Every planet, sign and house have a high and low side. You might be expressing the low side of the sign, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have another choice. There are no bad or good energies, simply energies that can be translated to a high side or a low side. By understanding where your weakness lay, you can choose to lean towards to the light and become more conscious and more aware.




A reading looks at many different aspects and relations of the planets among each other. It can reveal your soul’s purpose, your destiny.
The natal chart is divided in 12 houses and each house represents a field of life experience. Which planet is in which house and in what sign can tell you more about your personality traits. The planets represent what you do, the signs represent how you do it and the houses represent where in your life you are experiencing it. There might be times in your life where you have to go through certain events which will contribute to help you grow. This way you can come more in accord with the energies of this life and the energies of the universe. Rather than resisting them you’ll be able to move with them in the most optimal way possible.




Perhaps there is an area in your life that you are concerned about or an area you feel lost. Having your natal chart read can help clarify uncertainties in your life. Once you understand the energies that are at play, you can sync the energies to be expressed in the most pure form possible.
It might also be that the planets in the sky at this moment are influencing you in a specific field of life experience. This is called transit astrology and it can look 6 months up to 2 years in the future. This is not a fortune telling method, rather a tool to help you understand why you are experiencing certain conditions in your life. I recommend to always do a standard natal chart reading first before going into specific areas of your life. This way you have a better view of what energies are at play in your life, before going into the transit astrology.
When you want to book a reading you are always free to ask specific questions regarding specific areas in your life.


Natal Chart Session

Is this your first time working with your chart? Start here and (re)discover your patterns, habits and tendencies in this 60 minute session. Learn how to turn downward energy upward and how to highlight your high side.


More Details

Knowing what your good qualities and your pitfalls are give you a toolbox how to handle complicated situation and get the most out of amazing opportunities.


  • 60 minute 1-on-1 session
  • Natal chart
  • Recording of the session
  • Tips and Tools

I’ve now had two readings done by Patricia, both the natal chart reading and the predictive natal chart reading, and I was so impressed both times! I’m new to astrology but Patricia has a beautiful way of explaining things and how they relate to my life. It was eerie how spot on the readings were both times! She took the time to go into detail without making it overwhelming for me. I’m grateful for Patricia’s wisdom and would highly recommend her!

Emily Ball

Up With The Sunrise

Power Check-up Business Session

Are you on track already and only need a business tune up? This session is perfect for you! In 20 minutes we’re going to go over the highlights of the coming months, when to charge forward and when to allow rest.


More Details

When you’re familiar with your natal chart and have been able to use the energies within your chart to shift your life but are searching for guidance for you next launch or project. Get a quick overview of the energies in the sky for the next few months.


  • 20 minute 1-on-1 session
  • Natal chart + transit chart
  • Recording of the session
  • Basic outline of next few months

I just had an amazing natal chart reading!! I have always been curious about it and the way she explained everything so detailed, completely resonated with me and even gave me the confirmation that I’m on the right path!! I am super grateful for Patricia and her reading. It really has opened my eyes to astrology in a beautiful way. Thanks again!!

Meli OftheSaints

The Dreaming Yogi

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