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Do you want to share the experience of a Natal Chart Reading? You can now with this gift certificate. The perfect thoughtful gift, a natal chart reading.

The certificate is an instant download so you can gift it the same day!



With this gift certificate you’re now able to give a natal chart reading as a gift!

The moment you were born the planets were in certain positions. A natal chart looks at those planets as if it was a snapshot of the sky. Therefore it’s important to have the exact time and place of birth. A natal chart reveals where your strengths and weaknesses lay. Where and when there are opportunities to grow and important life lessons. It can also show your destiny, or your soul’s purpose in this life.

There is an important factor that cannot be overlooked; free will. Every planet, sign and house have a high and low side. You might be expressing the low side of the sign, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have another choice. There are no bad or good energies, simply energies that can be translated to a high side or a low side. By understanding where your weakness lay, you can choose to lean towards to the light and become more conscious and more aware.


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