Reiki Treatment | 60 min.


Reiki is the from origine Japanese art of healing by hands. By placing hands on the body, energy is channelled through the attuned practitioner into the client’s body. This energy wakes up the naturally present healing powers within the body, not only on a physical level, but also on mental, emotional and spiritual level.


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During a Reiki treatment you have to do nothing but relax. You will lay down, fully clothed, on a massage table. I’ll scan the aura first and move along the body with my hands. Depending on the sensations I get I might spend longer in one place.

For most people a session is a relaxing and pleasant experience. During the session you might feel an emotional or physical reaction come up and this is very normal. Some people will start to cry or laugh.

After the session there is an opportunity for spoken counseling if you are open to that. If you prefer to quietly process the session, that’s also fine.

I offer the sessions at Nurture Play Love here in Bangkok or you can request a session at home. Wherever you feel most comfortable!

You might feel different in the hours or days after the session, relaxed, peaceful or many a bit anxious. At any moment you feel you need more support, reach out to me  and we can work on it together!


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