Synastry Reading for Mother and Child

Don’t you wish sometimes that you could look into your child’s head and see what’s going on? They seem to be coming from a completely different planet. There is a way to learn more about your child without bothering them with tons of questions. A synastry reading can bring so much insight into your child’s head so you can help them reach their highest potential.

In astrology there are methods to see how two people relate to each other by laying their natal charts on top of each other. This way of reading charts is called a synastry reading. The charts are cross referenced to see in what areas you’ll get along and where there might be tension. This works well for all types of relationships; intimate relationships, friendships or business relationships. These relationships are done very regularly in synastry readings but an often unexplored relationship is that between the mother and her children.


Synastry Reading for Mother and Child

For me one of the most powerful tools in understanding my children is through astrology. My children are too young to communicate how they truly feel so often I have to guess what’s going on. I know their characters and their habits but sometimes I’m left guessing what drives them.

When I was studying astrology I looked into the natal charts of my children a lot and learned so much about their personalities. It was like looking beyond the surface and diving deep into their desires and impulses. It helped me to understand them better but when I took it to the next level and laid their charts on top of mine, I learned where we completely understand each other and where we butt heads.

Does this mean I completely get them and we never have discussion? We still have confrontations but it helps me to see it from their perspective. It helps to soften our hard edges and come closer to each other.


How it works

The same way a natal chart reading works, in a synastry reading I look at the 3 most important aspects, the Sun, the Moon and the Rising Sign to get an idea of the personality. Then the two charts are laid on top of each other and I look at what aspects your personal planets are making with each other. Do you have difficulties understanding their emotions or do you recognize their habits?

It will help to get a grasp on your children’s behavior so you can support them the best way possible. You want your children to be able to express their true self and not be limited by society. Once you know what makes their heart sing you can encourage them to follow their passion.


How to book a synastry reading?

I recommend that, as a mother, you do a natal chart reading for yourself first. Before we can start to understand others (in this case our children), it’s important to know yourself first! Click here to read more about natal chart readings and how to book one.

Are you ready to take a peek into your child’s head? Go here and book your reading today!