The Kaivalya Yoga Method

The Kaivalya Yoga Method

Have you always dreamt about being a yoga teacher but you simply can’t find the time or there are no trainings near you? Search no further! The Kaivalya Yoga Method Teacher Training offers 200hr and 300hr training from the comfort of your own home!

The Kaivalya Yoga Method Teacher Training


The Kaivalya Yoga Method

Alanna Kaivalya, Ph.D (you read it correctly, she has a Ph.D in Mythological Studies!) has many years of experience in teaching yoga and teaching yoga teacher trainings. Years ago she developed her own unique program where yoga philosophy, mantras and myths have an equal importance as asanas. She has always dreamt about reaching more people and the internet was her way. She’s an absolute pioneer when it comes to online learning. Did you know that 10 years ago she was one of the first (maybe even THE first) to start podcasts about yoga, before anybody has ever done that and now she’s convinced that your yoga teacher training shouldn’t depend on availability or accessibility, but it should be open to everyone everywhere. Enter her Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification! Again she’s a pioneer when it comes takes this online.


Online Teacher Training

This exceptional program gives you the knowledge of proper alignment, adjustments and safe sequencing but more importantly it challenges you to expand your own awareness of your unconscious. Before you can start teaching others, you need to take the journey within. You can never take your students further than you’ve been yourself. Since this is a online program you can take determine your own speed. If there a module that really spike your interest, you have the opportunity to dive deep into the material.

I was in the middle of a postpartum depression while doing the training. Does that sound like an odd combination? Well, it helped me to become aware of my patterns and habits that were weighing me down. When it came to the module about the Yoga Sutras I was forced to look within first. I went through a profound personal development in order for me to fully understand and truly live the Sutras. This was a very emotional time for me, but because I was able to stop and completely take the lessons in, I was able to heal and overcome all the things that were holding me back.


As part of my tribe I’m happy to tell you I can offer you $250 off the entire comprehensive training. See the details below!


This training is for you if;

  • you want to take your personal practice to the next level
  • you are ready for a deep personal growth
  • you are interested in yoga philosophy, mantras, myths.
  • your schedule doesn’t allow the time to travel to a luxurious location
  • you wish to study at your own pace in the comfort of your home
  • you are searching for a training that integrates all the aspects of the mind, body and soul
  • you are looking for a training that is authentic and true to oneself
  • you want to learn ancient wisdom applied to modern day life
  • you are interested in connecting with like-minded students and teachers from all over the world and make connections that last a lifetime
  • you are already a yoga teacher but are looking for more

Part of the training is a private Facebook group where your peers and mentors answer any questions and are always there to cheer you on. They have regular Facebook Lives where they dive deeper into the content and answers all of your questions. You are not going through this training alone. You might be in the privacy of your own home, but the Kaivalya Yoga Method tribe is always there for you. They come from all over the world, from all walk of life and are all working towards the same goal; to make yoga accessible to all! Find all the graduated teachers here!


The quality of the training has far exceeded my expectations. Do you think an online training can’t be personal, think again! Not only did Alanna do a fantastic job in putting together this course, she also made sure she arranged the best mentors possible! All of the (video) assignments are personally answered by the mentors who are your biggest supporters.


After The Training

I often get asked if I was ready to teach after completing the training and I can wholeheartedly say yes. Of course I was nervous but isn’t any newly certified yoga teacher? I knew I had more training, more studying and more knowledge under my belt than I would have had doing an intensive program.

To say that this training has been life changing is an understatement. I’m a mom of two without time to do a intensive 2-3 week course and no teacher training anywhere near me. It has been a longtime dream of me to become a yoga teacher but I always thought I had to wait for the kids to be a bit older. This program has truly been a blessing. You can read my whole yoga journey here.


The Program

The Kaivalya Yoga Method Teacher Training has a few options available, a 200hr training, a 300hr training or the full 500hr training. The program consists out of 7 different modules;

  1. Anatomy & Alignment
  2. Vinyasa, Sequencing & Subtle Body
  3. Teaching Techniques, Building a Business & Being a Professional
  4. The Art of Adjustments
  5. Philosophy, History & Theming
  6. Meditation, Myths & Mantras
  7. Final Teaching Culmination

Each module is packed with hours of video and written material. The assignments will help you to better understand the material and the interaction with the mentors makes the experience very personal.


Are You Ready?

Are you ready to say YES! to a life-changing yoga teacher training?
Are you ready to say YES! to a journey that goes beyond any training you’ve done so far?

You probably have noticed I am very passionate about this amazing program. The Kaivalya Yoga Method Teacher Training has given me so much more than a yoga teacher certification. It has given me the joy of my life back, it reignited my passion and it reconnected me with my inner Self.

I think everybody should have the opportunity to experience this outstanding program. I am very excited to announce that I’ve been able to get you an exclusive offer for you as part of my tribe. It will give you $250 off the entire in-depth training. Go to Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification and  follow the instructions!


If you have any questions regarding the Kaivalya Yoga Method Teacher Training, feel free to comment below or contact me here!


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