What is your initial reaction if you know a Mercury Retrograde is coming up? If you are at least a little bit interested in astrology and have been following the stars you’ve probably heard of Mercury Retrograde. Then you also know that it has gotten quite a bad rep. I’m here to tell you there’s nothing to fear when Mercury goes retrograde and here’s why!

What Mercury Retrograde Really Means

What is Retrograde?

All the planets move forward all the time. During a retrograde planets seem to be moving backwards because of the relative position from earth and the Sun. You can compare it to two cars with a different speed, one can be perceived as driving backwards, only because of the difference in speed.

All planets go through retrogrades but Mercury is felt the most intense because it’s the closest to the Sun and has a shorter cycle around it than the earth. The moment Mercury passes the earth is experienced as a retrograde. This happens very often, three to four times a year, for about 2,5 week. Since it happens so often each year, it shouldn’t be something we fear, rather we should see it as a time for introspection.


What Mercury Retrograde Really Means

“As above, so below”. A term you must have heard before. Referring to the movement is in the sky and the movements within our bodies, but also the unconscious and the conscious mind. When Mercury goes into its retrograde, moving backwards, it stops looking outwards and takes a moment to rest.

Mercury is the planet of communication, in every possible way. During a retrograde period technological ways of communication seem to be glitchy, but also our personal communication can use some extra attention during this time. It’s a period where misunderstanding easily grow bigger than necessary, because of miscommunication from both sides.

We tend to look outwards for the answers, hoping somebody or something will tell us what to do. What if I tell you that you already have all the answers within you?


Why Mercury Retrograde is a Blessing

You’ve probably heard people say, Oh no! It’s Mercury Retrograde, hide! But I encourage you to do the opposite! It’s the perfect time to look within. When Mercury is in its normal course, it’s more about outwards communication, but during a retrograde it is turned inwards. Of course it also depend in what sign and element (fire, earth, air, water) Mercury sits in that moment but in general you can expect a more internal dialogue.

Now this time isn’t ideal to launch new things or start new projects if you don’t have to. On the other hand it’s the perfect time to take out your journal and examine your past few months. Take these 2,5 weeks to understand your inner wisdom and make plans to move forward when it goes direct again.

Make sure all of your communication is crystal clear and if the other party misinterpret your message, don’t go into overdrive! The awareness of Mercury Retrograde can soften your judgments and views. These weeks are time to dive into your shadows, remembering you can only appreciate light when there’s also darkness. Don’t shy away from your harder edges, but lean into them and discover your true strengths.

Have you been wanting to re-organize your closet or bookshelves? Do it! During this time you’ll be able to discover things you thought were lost, from physical objects to emotional or mental notions. This period is perfect for everything re-, re-evaluate, re-examine, rewrite, repeat or redesign.

So from now on, don’t see the retrograde as a negative thing. Everything that we give attention grows, also negativity, so make sure you keep your intentions high during this time. There’s no need to panic. It’s okay to slow down every once in while and reflect back!


What do you do during a Mercury Retrograde, or what do you postpone?


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