What’s all the fuss about intentions you might ask? There is a lot of talk about setting intentions this year. It looks like everybody is busy setting their intentions for 2018. In the past it was just called New Year Resolutions, right? Wrong, it’s significantly different from resolutions and here’s why.


For many years I didn’t make any new year’s resolutions because I thought they were nonsense. I could never keep one up so why start in the first place?

It wasn’t until I discovered the art of setting intention that I was hooked. I started with setting intentions during the New and Full Moon, what do I want to manifest in the next few weeks, how do I want to feel and what do I want to let go? It was so powerful that I decided to stretch it a bit further.

Between Christmas and New Year, I took out my journey and started writing and I couldn’t stop. Pages filled itself with words, sentences and stories.

I can hear you think, so what’s the difference? Let me list it down for you why resolutions are so different from intentions;


  • I’m going to quite ….. (fill in the blanks)
  • I’m going to start …… (fill in the blanks)


  • I want to feel ……
  • I want to be ……

Imagine if your goal is to lose weight. When you’re making a resolution, you focus on the goal; losing weight.

When you’re setting an intention, you focus on the feeling; having more energy and feeling more focused.

Do you see the difference in approaching the same thing? Whatever you give attentions grows, so why focus on the negative part?


This is why setting intentions is important

You want to start the year feeling energized and ready for it right? It’s normal to make a schedule for our activities and work. Making a plan for how you want to feel for this year is just as important. The way you (want to) feel deserves equal importance.

When setting intentions you center your attention around how you want to feel. Resolutions are almost a punishment, born from guilt. Intentions are born from a deep love and appreciation for yourself. That’s way better isn’t it?!

For instance one of my intentions for this year is responsibility. I’ve spent the last year blaming other people for a serie of things that have impacted our family in a big way. I was wasting my time on trying to over-analyse the past while also disregarding my own responsibilities.

This year I’m taking it back into my own hand. I’m responsible for my own happiness, no one else is. I can’t (and shouldn’t) control other people, so why spend time on trying to do so?


Now it’s your turn!

Have you set your intentions yet for this year? Don’t worry if you think you are too late, you’re never too late to set intention. Take your journal out and let’s set your intention for this year! 


Create a cozy place.

Light some candles, put your favorite music on, diffuse some essential oils to set the mood. Your biggest revelation will come when you feel comfortable not while you’re rushed. So take the time to create the right scene to let your creative juices flowing.

Review 2017

Wait, you said setting intentions for 2018 right? Yep, I did, but before you can move forward, you need to clean that closest first to make space for the new intentions.

  • What worked well for you in 2017, in your relationship with yourself and with your partner, in business/work?
  • What didn’t work well for you in 2017?
  • What was/were your highlight(s) in 2017?
  • What was/were your low point(s) in 2017?

Intentions for 2018

  • What is your desire for 2018, how do you want to feel (expansive, grounded, peaceful, present, transformative, infinite, etc.)?
  • What do you want to accomplish in your personal life (relationship/family) in 2018?
  • What do you want to accomplish in your professional life (your own business/new job/promotion) in 2018?
  • Read back at what you wrote and pick one word that entails it all.


When you write down your intentions make sure you also have actionable steps who to reach these places. Even if you think this project is way too big to undertake, start with writing down what you can do today that brings you closer to your goal. Do you want to quit your job and travel the world with your kids? Start researching ways to homeschool your kids, make a list of countries you want to visit, write down how much money you need at a bare minimum to life.

It doesn’t have to be rocket science! Write what comes up, don’t edit yourself. Let all of your desire, wishes, hopes and dreams out. Once you let it out of your head and onto paper, things already become more tangible!


Let me know in the comments how you set yourself up for a great 2018!

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