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Astrology Infused Coaching


Find your zone of genius in business and life


Map out your strengths and weaknesses to be the most productive version of you


Find harmony in caring for yourself, your family and your business


Follow you intuition and let your heart guide you
Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life and Business?

Motherhood by itself can be challenging enough, adding being an entrepreneurship on top of that can result in overwhelm and exhaustion. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Whether you already have a business or just starting up, learning how to soften your hard edges and emphases your power will result in a grounded mama. You’ll be able to create a life and business perfectly aligned with YOU!

What Is Astrology Infused Coaching?

Start with Natal Chart Reading

Every person is unique and the power lays in your personal strengths. Astrology will lay the foundation onto which you can build your life. It’s a unique blueprint that reveals your path.

Map out high and low side

Knowledge is to know thyself and acting upon that information! We’re going to uncover your super powers and soften your hard edges.

Plan ahead based on your chart

Now you can have a map showing you when your energies will be high and when they’ll be low so you can plan ahead. Your unique chart combined with the transiting planets will eliminate guessing!

How do you know if Astrology Infused Coaching is for you?

This unique style of coaching will dig deeper into underlying patterns, wounds and conditioning so you can focus on what you do best.

Once you get a better understanding of your triggers and pitfalls you can start the alchemical process of turning your shadows into gold!

What is astrology infused coaching?

Every person is unique and the power lays in your personal strengths. Astrology will lay the foundation onto which you can build your life. It’s a unique blueprint.

Is it helpful if I don't know anything about astrology?

Absolutely! We start at the beginning and work throughnique and the power lays in your personal strengths. Astrology will lay the foundation onto which you can build your life. It’s a unique blueprint.

How does astrology work?

In short; astrology uses the location of the planets at a certain time at a certain location. That provides a map full of different energies that are experienced differently by every individual.

My Approach

I’m a mother of two beautiful radiant souls and I know like no other what overwhelm feels like.  Being a mom while running a business requires planning, scheduling and prioritizing but most importantly it requires softness and surrender.

It’s time to stop glorifying busy-ness. It’s not a badge of honor, it means you’re not prioritizing and structuring around your biggest talents.

The foundation of creating the life you want starts with your inner work, customized to fit only you. By understanding your inner workings better you’ll be able to be the best version of you, as a woman, a mother, an entrepreneur.

Don’t wait and start your transformation today!



Are you on track already and only need a business tune up? This session is perfect for you! In 20 or 60 minutes we’re going to go over the highlights of the coming months, when to charge forward and when to allow rest.


Plan out the coming 6-12 months of your life and business with an in-depth 120 min. session. No more guessing when to book that family trip or the schedule that launch. After this session you walk away with all the tools needed to make the best out of the next few months!


Running a business while running after you kids is challenging! So how can you create a business that works for you and not the other way around? During this 16 week program you’ll learn how to optimize your life and business by tuning into the energies in your personal natal chart and the astrological events right now. Have a personalized road map with all the creative and slow period of the year so you can focus on doing what you’re best at!
I started my mentorship not having a clue where to start, everything was jumbled and didn’t know what
the end result would be. Patricia provided spiritual foundation for my growth and progression. She
brought her amazing marketing and business tools and conscious marketing strategies to help me
organize myself and create the vision that I will share with the world. Soraya D.

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